Make Plans

Start actually planning those “we shoulds” and “somedays” with your favorite people.

Capture &
Privately Share

Capture & privately share the moments you’re creating together in one place.

Because They’re Important

Be intentional about what matters most to your most important people.

This is what we're made of

Private by default

Safe, private sharing with
only those you choose.

No “Friending”

Think contacts, not social
media. They’re not notified.

Share with anyone

No app needed. If you can
text or email, you can share.

Early reminders

Remeber big dates with time
to do something special.

Easier scheduling

Find dates that work to
spend time together.

Event-based chat

Coordinate, capture &
reminisce together.

Get all the photos

Your photos & their photos
stored by event in the cloud.

Plan for someday

Get the ball rolling on a
plan without a date.

Want to see it in action?

Live a life you love
with the people you love.
It’s free.

Android coming soon!

We’ll notify you when it’s ready. Your information is and will always be private.

(You can share with Android users via private links until the app is ready.)